No photo availableNoreen Willows, PhD

Office: 4-378 Edmonton Clinic Health Academy
Mail: University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB Canada T6G 2R3
Phone: 780-492-3989
Fax: 780-492-4265

Current Position


Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science


Research Area


Community Nutrition


Current Research Activities


My areas of research interest are First Nations health, maternal and child nutrition, food insecurity, and the relationship between culture and food choice.


Current research projects are:

(1)          Understanding the sociocultural and biological determinants of overweight in Cree children;


(2)          Use of ethnography to understand cultural and community norms, concerns and beliefs about obesity, and


(3)          Infant feeding choices in Mexico and the relationship to infant growth, nutrition and infection.


Teaching responsibilities include the cultural determinants of food choice.




PhD, Human Nutrition, McGill University


Selected Publications


ND Willows, M Johnson, GDC Ball.  Prevalence estimates of pediatric overweight and obesity in First Nations preschool children using international and U.S. reference criteria.  American Journal of Public Health. (In press, to be published Feb. 2007)

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