Margie Davenport, PhD

Office:     1-059D, Li Ka Shing Centre for Health Research Innovation
Mail:       University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB Canada T6G 2E1
Phone     780-492-0642

Current Position


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation


Research Areas


Maternal-fetal transmission of chronic disease


Current Research Activities

My principle research interest is the investigation of maternal-fetal transmission of chronic disease, and an exploration of the preventative role of exercise and/or lifestyle interventions in the development of chronic disease.

Specific areas of interest:

1) The use of lifestyle interventions (nutrition and physical activity) in the prevention of excessive gestational weight gain and pregnancy complications including gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia.

2) The short- and long-term implications of exercise during pregnancy on maternal/fetal health.

3) Investigating the maternal/fetal cardiovascular and metabolic adaptations to pregnancy and exercise during pregnancy.




PhD, University of Western Ontario


Selected Publications

Davenport, M.H., S-M. Ruchat, I. Giroux, M.M. Sopper and M.F. Mottola (2013).  Timing of excessive pregnancy-related weight gain and offspring adiposity at birth.  Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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Ruchat, S.-M., M.H. Davenport, I. Giroux, M. Hillier, A. Batada, M.M. Sopper, J.A. Hammond and M.F. Mottola (2012).  Effect of exercise intensity and duration on capillary glucose responses in pregnant women at high and low risk for gestational diabetes.  Diabetes Metab Res Rev. 28(8):669-78.

Davenport, M.H., A.E. Beaudin, A.D. Brown, R. Leigh and M.J. Poulin (2012).  Ventilatory responses to exercise and CO2 after menopause:  effect of age and fitness.  Resp Phys Neurobiol.  184(1):1-8.

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