Sumit MajumdarSumit Majumdar, MD

Office:     2F1 Walter C. Mackenzie Health Sciences Centre
Mail:        University of Alberta, Edmonton AB T6G 2R7
Phone:     780-407-1399
Fax:         780-407-2680






Current Position

Professor, Division of General Internal Medicine

AHFMR Health Scholar


Research Area

My focus is in “knowledge translation,” and my current research agenda attempts to answer 3 inter-related questions:


1. Does underuse of proven effective therapies exist?

2. What are the barriers to best practice?

3. How do we change practice and optimize evidence-based prescribing?


Current Research Activities


The following are currently funded examples of my research:

Diabetes mellitus: We are enrolling a prospective cohort of patients with diabetes in rural communities, to examine outcomes, quality of life, costs, and access. In a controlled trial, we are studying an intervention to improve the treatment of cardiovascular risk factors in these patients compared with usual care.


Osteoporosis: We are enrolling a prospective cohort of patients with wrist fractures, to examine outcomes, health-related quality of life, and costs related to fractures. In a controlled trial, we are studying an intervention to improve the care of these patients compared with usual care. Additional studies involving fractures of the hip and spine are in various stages of development and implementation.


Chronic cardiovascular disease: We are implementing (and evaluating in a controlled trial) an intervention that uses opinion leader-endorsed guidelines to improve the quality of prescribing for ischemic heart disease and congestive heart failure.

These projects include collaboration with researchers within the Department, at the Schools of Public Health and Pharmacy, EPICORE, VIGOUR, Institute of Health Economics, the Alliance for Health Outcomes Research in Diabetes (ACHORD) and other institutions in Canada and the United States.



MD, MPH, FRCPC.  I joined the Department of Medicine in 2000.  I am a pharmacoepidemiologist and health outcomes researcher, currently funded by the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research (Health Scholar) and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (New Investigator).


Select Publications


SR Majumdar, JH Gurwitz, SB Soumerai. Undertreatment of hyperlipidemia in the secondary prevention of coronary artery disease. J Gen Intern Med. 14:711-717, 1999. (with an editorial by MJ Klag entitled “HMG coenzyme reductase inhibitors – good news and bad”)


JA Johnson, SR Majumdar, SH Simpson, EL Toth. Decreased mortality associated with the use of metformin compared to sulfonylurea monotherapy in type-2 diabetes. Diabetes Care. 25:2244-2248, 2002. (with an editorial by JL Leahy entitled “Is metformin cardioprotective?”)


SR Majumdar, W Chang, PW Armstrong. Do the investigative sites that take part in a positive clinical trial translate that evidence into practice? American Journal of Medicine. 113:140- 145, 2002. (with an editorial by CD Naylor entitled “Putting evidence into practice”)

SR Majumdar, LM Guirguis, EL Toth, RZ Lewanczuk, TK Lee, JA Johnson. Controlled trial of a multifaceted intervention to improve the quality of care for rural patients with type-2 diabetes (The DOVE Study). Diabetes Care. 26:3061-3066, 2003

SR Majumdar, BH Rowe, D Folk, JA Johnson, BH Holroyd, D Morrish, CH Harley, WP Maksymowych, I Steiner, B Wirzba, DA Hanley, AS Russell. A controlled trial to increase detection and treatment of osteoporosis in older patients with a wrist fracture. Annals Intern Med. 141:366-373, 2004


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SR Majumdar, JA Johnson, SL Bowker, G Booth, L Dolovich, WA Ghali, SB Harris, J Hux, A Holbrook, HN Lee, EL Toth, J-F Yale. A Canadian consensus for the standardized evaluation of quality improvement interventions in type-2 diabetes. Can J Diabetes. 29:200-229, 2005.


DT Eurich, SR Majumdar, FA McAlister, RT Tsuyuki, JA Johnson. Improved clinical outcomes associated with metformin in patients with diabetes and heart failure. Diabetes Care. 28:2345-2351, 2005. (lead article with editorials by RI Misbin and SE Inzucchi)


SH Simpson, SR Majumdar, RT Tsuyuki, DT Eurich, JA Johnson. The dose-response relationship between sulfonylureas and mortality in type-2 diabetes: a population-based cohort study. CMAJ. 174:169-174, 2006. (lead article with an editorial by DSH Bell entitled “Do sulfonylurea drugs increase the risk of cardiac events?”)