No photo availableVera Mazurak, PhD

Office:      4-126A Li Ka Shing Centre for Health Reserach Innovation
Mail:         University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB Canada T6G 2E1
Phone:      780-492-8048
Fax:          780-492-4265


Current Position


Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science


Research Area


Nutrition and metabolism


Current Research Activities


My research focuses on understanding the relationship between inflammatory processes and essential fatty acids.  Specific areas of interest include:


  • Determining mechanisms for aberrations in lipid metabolism in disease states characterized by low grade inflammation such as Metabolic Syndrome and aging;


  • Defining nutritional requirements for people who have cancer and determining ways to prevent or overcome malnutrition during chemotherapy and advanced disease; and


  • Investigating how inflammatory mediators impact on the ability to metabolize essential fats.




PhD, Nutrition and Metabolism, University of Alberta


Selected Publications


Vera C Mazurak, David WL Ma, Vickie E Baracos. N-3 fatty acids and Cancer Progression. Nutrition Research Reviews. 17: 177-192, 2004.


Neil MacDonald, Alexandra M Easson, Vera C Mazurak, Geoffrey P Dunn, Vickie E. Baracos. Understanding and Managing Cancer Cachexia. J. American College of Surgeons. 197:143-161, 2004.


Vera C Pratt, Edward E Tredget, M Thomas Clandinin, Catherine J Field. Changes in fatty acid composition of neutrophils in relation to their function following burn injury in humans. J. Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition. 31:51-65, 2002.


Vera C Pratt, Sharon Watanabe, Eduardo Bruera, M Thomas Clandinin, Vickie E Baracos, Catherine J Field. Plasma and Neutrophil Fatty Acid Composition in Advanced Cancer and Response to Fish Oil Supplementation. British J. Cancer. 87:1370-8, 2002.


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Vera C Pratt, Edward E Tredget, M Thomas Clandinin, Catherine J Field. Fatty Acid Content of Plasma Lipids and Erythrocyte Phospholipids are Altered Following Burn Injury. Lipids. 36 (7): 675-82, 2001.


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